Penfield was established in Hudson, Massachusetts in 1975, by Harvey Gross. A pioneering figure in the American outerwear industry since the early 1960s. Gross recognized and championed the strength of down insulated outerwear for its unique and unrivalled ability to provide durable warmth and protection. 

Requiring a special manufacturing process and with only a few factories in the world expert at producing down insulated apparel, Gross decided to acquire a small manufacturing plant within an old textile mill in Hudson to produce Penfield's high quality down filled garments.

Penfield's first collection consisted of four key outerwear styles, all made from innovative rip-stop Nylon fabric, insulated with down and quilted to hold the insulation in place. Each garment was expertly designed to withstand the diversity of the New England climate and manufactured by a team of dedicated craftsmen. 

Over the years, Penfield became one of the market leaders at producing high quality outerwear embodying the stylish 'New England' aesthetic. Distributed through department stores and boutiques before catching the attention of the American outdoor specialty industry and catering to enthusiasts of life in the open.

It was this stylish New England aesthetic, that helped to introduce the American outerwear look to an international market and Penfield began exporting in 1979. Since then, high-profile collaborations, innovative fabric developments together with an unfaltering commitment to quality, practicality, durability, function and style have all caught the attention of the top retailers across the globe. 

Today, Penfield garments are still designed by people who know and love the outdoors. They are designed to stand up to the demands of the New England climate, yet are equally at home sheltering you from the storm anywhere wind blows or rain falls! Penfield is available worldwide and always designed For Life in the Open.