Sugarcane Western Cut Denim Workshirt

Please enjoy the description of this timeless classic found on a Japanese web-site! We would like to add the snap fasteners are pearl faced, and the shirt is un-washed and 100% cotton 8oz Denim. Made In Japan. 

The denim western shirt which was made with 8 ounces of denim which arranged balance of SUGAR CANE "sugar Cane SC27745 8oz denim western shirt" length and the width of the body into a modern type, and was dyed into indigo of the deep color. The design which reproduced a dot button and the saw flap of the yellow lip pearl shell, the design of the vintage including York of the characteristic shoulder. The aging only by the denim shirt which Atari follows from deep color slowly is 8 ounces of pleasing denim western shirts.