Levis Vintage Clothing 1976 501

New to Elroy Leederville; the last incarnation of the 501xx jean from Levis. We now offer 4 iconic variations of the LVC 501xx; 1944, 1954, 1966 and 1976. All providing a different aesthetic and fit, and all manufactured in The United States, from un-sanforized "shrink to fit" 120z Selvedge Denim from The Cone Mill in North Carolina.

Here's what Levis say about the 1976 501...

The 501® Jean of the late 1970's shared shelf space with a wide range of pant styles popularized during the "Me Decade" Ð bell bottoms, straight legs, slacks with the look of jeans, and beyond. Despite the busy times, Levi Strauss and Co. stuck to the basics when it came to its most iconic style. The 1976 501® Jeans is popular with vintage enthusiasts, not for the fit or details, but for the fabric. The color started out a bit brighter but faded out faster, a welcome change for Levi's® fans who wanted to fade their jeans as quickly as possible.