Sugarcane Western Cut Denim Workshirt

Please enjoy the description of this timeless classic from Sugarcane web-site. We would like to add the snap fasteners are pearl faced, and the shirt is made from 100% cotton 8oz Denim. Made In Japan. This shirt is a true classic!

Along with the ten-gallon hat and western boots, the western shirt is one of the cowboy items that was developed and evolved uniquely in the United States. This denim shirt is based on a vintage western shirt from the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, the denim fabric used is made by analyzing the vintage and spinning and dyeing.

At the time, Western shirts made for western movies and as stage costumes were often flashy and eccentric, such as fringe and satin fabrics, but fabrics such as denim, chambray, and flannel were preferred for realistic practical wear by cowboys. . The body and sleeves are sewn using double-needle wrapping, giving it a workwear-like feel, but one of its characteristics is that the waist is narrower than a work shirt.

Features a western yoke, which is said to protect the shoulders in the event of a fall from a horse. At the time, snap buttons were used on each part of the shirt to make it easier to remove if it got caught in horse harnesses or cow horns during labor. The pearl parts of the buttons are made from real shells (cut from shells), so there are individual differences in color and texture depending on the part. Three buttons are used for each cuff. A luxurious piece with 18 buttons in one piece. A union ticket is tucked into the back of the placket. The lower thread of the stitch is a tough chain stitch specification.