Sugarcane Star Of Hollywood short sleeve Dobby Cotton Open Neck Shirt - “ARGYLE”

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The very finest reproduction Lounge Shirts: from exacting fabric, authentic print designs, buttons, and fit. All this sets Star Of Hollywood apart from others.

Late 1950s / Dobby Cotton/ Over PrintAmong the

very popular and rare vintage "Argyle pattern", this pattern has long diamonds all over the shirt. This product, which has an argyle pattern printed in a similar color gradation on a dobby cotton fabric with a matte texture, has a moderately sized diamond and gives a pop impression without being too flashy. Developed in 3 color schemes of blue, yellow, and red with the atmosphere of the 50s.


A phantom brand that existed in America in the 1950s, and until a few years ago, was known only to second-hand clothing people or some core vintage freaks. There are many mysteries that have not yet been fully elucidated, but it is characterized by a design that has a strong impact that you will never forget once you see it, and the color scheme of fabrics and motifs that are composed with an outstanding sense. Based on the masterpieces of the time and the works with outstanding charm even in the 50's vintage, we will develop original designs that live up to the name of Star of Hollywood.