SUGARCANE TAILOR TOYO Early 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “ROARING TIGER” × “JAPAN MAP”

Reversable Acetate early 1950's Souvenir Jacket lovingly recreated by Tailor Toyo.

Please enjoy their description of this beautiful piece... 

A jacket made in the early 1950s that depicts a tiger roaring to a crescent moon in the sky. This jacket has several distinctive features, one is the embroidery threads used for the clouds, which is white color thread but partly dyed into blue. Another one is color of the knit rib. The color usually differs between surface and reverse side, but this jacket has same color for the both sides.

The reverse side has a Japan map embroidered with colorful threads. Since many of the city name in the map are of the Tohoku (northern part of Japan) region, it could be a Sukajan made especially for U.S. military bases in the area. By the 38-degree line of the Korean Peninsula on the jacket, it can identified as a product made during the Korean War.