TSPTR Radiant Radish T-Shirt - White

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White premium weight 100% cotton certified organic TSPTR tee with water based ink print

During the mid 1960s Brian Wilson’s growing countercultural associations brought him into contact with West Coast “nature boys”, vegetarians such as Eden Ahbez and the radio programs of the Mojave Desert health food faddist Curtis Howe Springer. The Beach Boys’ leader told Teen Set magazine in the late autumn of 1966 that he wanted “people to turn on to vegetables. Good, natural food. Organic food.” The same year he wrote the song "Vegetables" during the aborted SMILE sessions. Three years later in 1969 Brian opened his own West Hollywood health food store, the Radiant Radish, selling organic produce, vitamins and other supplements. Occasionally he would appear behind the cash register, usually late at night and clad in his ever present striped bathrobe and pyjamas.

The Radiant Radish closed on July 29, 1970 due to unprofitable produce expenditures and Wilson's lack of business acumen. In 2015, when asked what his favorite part about running the store was, Wilson responded: "The cash register."On the day the shop closed, he met journalist and DJ Jack Reiley, who would manage the Beach Boys during the 70s.

Ethically made in Portugal